Microsoft and SAP Professional Technical Services


Launched in 2017, IHT Associates LP is a growing technical professional services firm helping clients deploy SAP solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Focused in the Americas and with the firm's SAP Azure Architects having 250+ years of collective Microsoft and SAP technical expertise, IHT's clients have effectively deployed SAP and SAP HANA solutions and/or migrated existing SAP landscapes on-premises to the Microsoft Azure platform.

In addition, our strategic alliances with Microsoft and SUSE drive joint success and enable mutual customers' deployments of SAP on Azure in the marketplace.  Specifically with Microsoft, IHT jointly co-sells with Microsoft's enterprise sales organization and  closely work with Microsoft's Azure product development teams as they further develop and enhance Azure solutions for SAP.


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Advisory Services

Architecture Design Session/Workshop

A one or multi-day "whiteboard war room" Architecture Design Session (ADS) or Workshop (ADW) is delivered on-site or at a Microsoft office that provides SAP on Azure knowledge transfer and a way to start envisioning what an SAP environment will look like in Azure.  Included in this service offering is an SAP on Azure sizing (forecast), initial architecture diagram, project plan, and best practices documentation.



Proof-of-concept (POC) or Pilot

Want to prove out how SAP will perform in Microsoft Azure based on quantitative criteria?   IHT helps clients deliver POC and/or pilots including project management to technical deployment services.

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Consulting Services

Implementation Services

Leveraging best practices from having helped many of the largest SAP  (and SAP HANA) on Azure deployments, IHT provides end-to-end SAP on Azure implementation services.  With the most experienced SAP on Azure technical resources, IHT enables clients' effective transition from SAP running on-premises to SAP running on the Azure cloud platform (including all applicable technical considerations:  automation, orchestration, networking, high availability/disaster recovery/backup, and Azure VM and HANA Large Instance deployments.

Retainer Services

Using a flexible pricing model, IHT provides SAP on Azure technical expertise when clients need it during the life of their SAP on Azure project and/or after SAP is deployed in Azure.  Often this arrangement is arranged in coordination with a client's SAP system integrator (SI).

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Support Services


Health Check

Is your SAP deployment running in Azure configured correctly, and adhering to Microsoft and SAP best practices for deployment in Azure?  An SAP on Azure Health Check as a fixed fee engagement that fully analyzes an SAP (and SAP HANA) on Azure environment with a follow-up comprehensive report.  This report provides specific actions to follow for making sure SAP is running effectively and efficiently in Azure.


Managed Services

Coming soon... IHT will soon offer a unique and effective SAP on Azure managed services offering.  This capability enables IHT to be the "one stop shop" for clients of all sizes who want help running their SAP environment in Microsoft Azure.

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Strategic Alliances


With IHT's founders having worked with or at Microsoft nearly 20 years, IHT Associates has an unparalleled strategic alliance when it comes to SAP on Azure.  Ranging from helping Microsoft co-sell SAP on Azure solutions to working directly with Azure product development to further enhance Azure specific to SAP and SAP HANA requirements, IHT is one of just a very select few of SAP on Azure go-to-market partners.



With the majority of SAP HANA on Azure deployments running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Solutions, IHT has recently formed a strategic relationship with SUSE.  Jointly driving business as well as ensuring further product development specific to SAP on Azure enables IHT to meet clients' needs now and into the future.